IT Consulting

IT Support and consulting comprises all services needed to provide you with the right information “prior”, “during” and “after” the installation at the customer’s site.

  • “Prior”: To receive tools and support to evaluate the infrastructure and customer requirements before the setup and installation. This support can also be provided at the customer’s site as well.
  • “During”: Remote or on-site support during the implementation phase of the IT setup.
  • “After”:  All activities and actions necessary to maintain the smooth operation of the devices at the customer site are available. 

Clinical Workflow Consulting

Working with Nursing Department of the hospital in assisting them with the proper implementation of the best suited clinical workflow. This allows the hospital to

  • streamline the daily routine of the nurses in order to save time in their daily activity
  • save costs by eradicating non critical actions in critical tasks.
  • enhance the performance of B. Braun products in their daily activity.
  • training and education for better implementation of the clinical workflows.

Pharmacy & Drug Library Consulting

Working with the pharmacy and clinical teams of the hospital in implementing a sophisticated drug library which is customized to their needs in order to avoid clinical errors by end users while using B. Braun Infusomat® Space & Perfusor® Space.

The implementation of a robust drug library not only helps to save valuable time for the nurses, but also avoid clinical errors which could prove critical for a patient and costly for any medical institution.

Sales Marketing & Support

The B. Braun Medical Gulf team is also equipped with the technical know how and latest advancements in the hospital care products.
This enables us to provide crucial support during technical negotiations for tenders and turnkey projects. The Sales and Marketing support is provided both remotely and on site.